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Taskbee, your Google Sheets Chargebee add-on

Be more productive and brighten up your day.

Taskbee is a free Google Sheets add-on developed on top of Chargebee. It gives you the super power to create your own processes and highly improve your Chargebee experience.

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Build your processes on top of Chargebee

Taskbee was designed to add value to your work. Create your own process and automate recurring tasks; refund an invoice, create addons in bulk, charge a customer and all other time-consuming actions.

Run Taskbee on your Google Sheets, choose your data and trigger your tasks in a few clicks.

Collect and send
data to Chargebee

Created with a cutting edge technology, the Google Sheets add-on allows you to collect data and convert them into smart actions directly linked to Chargebee.

Run mass actions

Taskbee was created to save you time and effort.
It performs mass actions which are crucial to many companies growing their business.

Add this feature on your daily Chargebee experience and improve your productivity like never before!

How it works


Private by design

Google infrastructure

Taskbee, built on top of your Chargebee account, is completely free of charge. You just need to install our Google Sheets add-on and voilà.

The add-on is linked to your Chargebee
account by using your existing data. Nothing more.

Hosted on powerful Google servers,
Taskbee collects data and creates requests at lightning speed.


Why Taskbee is an amazing Google Sheets Chargebee add-on for you.

How much does it cost?

Taskbee is free and will always be (Seriously!)

What if I need help?

Our Google Sheets Chargebee add-on is an open source project. Ask for help on Github and let the community assist you.

How do I protect my confidential data?

Taskbee is private by design. It means that all your data stays on your Sheets and nobody can’t have access to, unless you want to.

Can I rollback a process or an action?

Our add-on was designed on top of Chargebee. This way, there’s no possible rollback. No worries, Taskbee had thought of everything. It logs every action done
in real time
. Moreover, at the end of each request, the Google Sheets add-on informs you on every succesful or failed action.

Does Taskbee track users actions?

Taskbee records the email addresses used by each user. This way, you always know the activities done on your Google Sheets Chargebee add-on.

What Taskbee users said

Hey, you're a developer?

Taskbee is an open source project* created to brighten your Chargebee daily experience. It is built with modern JavaScript and its source code is available to all. If you want to help us improve Taskbee, join us on Github and let your talent shine through.

*Taskbee has no legal or professional relationship with Chargebee and Google. They are registered brands and are the exclusive and intellectual property of each one.
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